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Overwhelmed mama in the house? Or do you know one?

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March 24, 2024

Free Workshop: Managing Mama Overwhelm

Hi, friends! I'm coming out of my usual rhythm of monthly emails to tell you about this free workshop I'm putting on this week for overwhelmed mamas.

Psst! If this isn't you, scroll down for some ways you can help me get the word out!

Free workshop giving you the basics of getting started with creating calm in the chaos of motherhood.

Every parent gets overwhelmed, frustrated, angry or feels helpless. In today's parenting, this can lead to severe self doubt and feeling like we don't measure up.

This webinar will debunk these and other myths about getting overwhelmed in motherhood and teach skills and tools that you can apply to your parenting journey TODAY!

I've put so much of my heart into this webinar to give it the most bang for your buck and really help you walk away with tangible options for moving out of overwhelm and into a calmer space to bring more joy and connection to your motherhood journey.

Sign up for this FREE webinar today! Can't make it to the live webinar? I'll send the recording later to everyone who signed up so you can keep all this info at the ready whenever you need it!

If this doesn't apply to you (and maybe even if it does!):

  1. Will you share this opportunity by forwarding this email to a mama or two you know who is overwhelmed or may just need some support?
  2. You may also post it to your social media and tag me. You never know who might need to hear this message!
  3. Repost any of my Instagram posts or stories this week to get the word out!

As always, thank you for being a part of this community and for your support! I'm so grateful to have each of you here!

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by Tiffani Domokos

Founder of Wholly Living Coaching and Consulting, LLC. I help parents build joy, connection and healing through one-on-one parent and life coaching, online courses and social media content. I'm a mama, wife, friend, therapist and change strategist who has coached and supported hundreds of individuals, families and couples through changing patterns in their thinking, in their emotions and in their behavior around work, marriage and parenting relationships using trauma-informed and body based practices for healing and self compassion. IG: @tifwhollyliving

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